Saturday, June 30, 2012

The 12 Kits of Christmas June 2012

Hooray for another fun addition of the 12 Kits of Christmas! This month was Amy's kit. And my did she send some nice items! Check it out:

Are you lost and have no clue what I'm talking about? Check out my first post from January, here. It explains it all.

Now on to my cards from this month's kit:

I just love this bow die...think I may have to be getting this one at some point ;)

This card actually has a pocket on the front and the little red ribbon is the tail of a note that you pull out of the little pocket. I have a funny story to tell with this card, though. I thought that the words were supposed to be "joy" and I kept wondering why I had these two other straight "strips." I thought, maybe they are exclamation points? But I didn't want to use an wasn't until I went on the Lil' Inkers site to look up the bow die that I saw that the word is "Jolly!" Oh geeze ;)

So I'm camping right now and forgot to bring the supply list with me to type up in this post! I know that most of the dies that she sent are from Lil' Inkers (the bow, the wood frame, the letters, bells, etc). I can add on the supply list later after I get home. Everything I used is from the kit except the hexagons impression plate, and the card bases. I love the rustic feel of the cards. I think my favorites are the hexagon one and the one with the tiny clothespin...what about you? Are you ready to check out what all the other girls created? Go and enjoy this fun blog hop:

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  1. Lol, I always only saw it as JOY and though there was just extra. So your not alone. Love all five of your beautiful cards Jessica. I am going to pick a favorite because I think the third one is drop dead gorgeous! Love the red ribbon , holly and the way you did the stripes of printed paper! Love the one with the embossed background too, hey I love them all! Nice work with a fun kit. Have a good weekend.

  2. Jessica, your story is just too funny. When I first took a peek at your cards I thought you took the time to fussy cut the letters for "joy" and then read your story and had to laugh. all of your cards are amazing and your first card being my favorite. There is just something about the paper with all the mixed numbers on it, just does me in.

  3. I am in love. In love with every single card. So, so fabulous!

  4. Wow! 5 Fun cards!!! You had your mojo on girl! I thought it was funny - your story about the exclamation points - I had a similar moment looking at the bow tie pieces. I was like .. Hmmm... what's this?? I had to jump to the Lil Inkers blog to to make sure I had it right HAHA!!! Well I think you did just amazing! I think you made the best use of the pattern papers - love the colorful stripes making your cards even more festive!

  5. Oh, Jessica--I had the same problem with those straight bits--I embarassingly wrote to Amy, and she explained that they were the 'l's in Jolly. I thought I didn't get it because I was Jewish. Anyway, you did a fantastic job--I love all your cards. I need to get that hexagon IP--where is that from? I think that is my favorite card, and you used the bow tie, which also stumped me.

  6. Unbelieveable group of cards the Joy (Jolly) card! I also really, really love the one with the patterned paper strips and the holly leaves on it. That Holly Jolly card with the neat embossing is also going on my CASE list. Great job with Amy's kit this month.

  7. I love the woodgrain frame...
    so perfectly rustic...
    so that would be my favorite!!
    But I have to give kudos for your Jolly...
    Joy card!!
    You gave me giggles!! :)
    They are all fabulous Jessica...
    love them all! :)
    And have fun camping...
    you have air...right?
    This isn't tent and poles camping...right?
    I would die right now if I had to go camping...
    106 today!!
    And like 200% humidity...
    so I'm staying inside with the 8th wonder!!

  8. Your cards are just fabulous this month, Jessica! You really did an amazing job with the papers and little embellishments in this kit. I especially adore the silver bell hanging from the banner on the last card, the tiny clothespin card, and those fun hexagons. I am definitely inspired to create more with this kit!

  9. I got to see them in person so I know that you know how much I love these, but the 3rd one is my favorite! I was stumped with what to do with that sentiment diecut but it just goes so perfectly with that layout!

  10. Wow, you did five cards too! I just came from Kara's blog. Gosh, all of them are so amazing! You did an awesome job with the kit. And I'm so glad someone else wondered what those strange straight pieces were! I thought maybe candy sticks but then checked the Lil' Inkers blog! I hate to pick favorites as they are all wonderful but the third one is pretty special. Love the bow, the strips of patterned paper and that great die cut sentiment!

  11. Such beautiful cards! Love your pocket card and your 'joy' lol!! You really showcased thos beautiful papers too!!

  12. I love your collection of cards!

  13. Jessica....You always amaze me. 5 cards?? Each one is so beautiful. I love how you've pieced together the papers effortlessly to make such great cards. I think my favorite one is the texture frame the buttons in the corner and the little clip at the other corner. A close second is the Happy Holidays card.....tying the ribbon across the card is a great idea especially with the vertical strips of paper. Thank you so much Jessica!

  14. Oh and where did the hexagon impression plate/embossing folder come from my dear? I must know! :)


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