Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The 12 Kits of Occasions April 2014

Its time for our April kit and I sat down to make cards...I was loving the colors and all the different elements that I had to play with. I made what I thought was just a few cards... but then I counted them and totally shocked myself...I made TEN!!! Thanks for this simply gorgeous kit, Jeanne, as you can see I really enjoyed it ;)
12 Kits April 2014 1

12 Kits April 2014 2

12 Kits April 2014 3

12 Kits 2014 4

12 Kits April 2014 5

12 Kits April 2014 6

12 Kits April 2014 7
12 Kits April 2014 8

12 Kits April 2014 9

12 Kits April 2014 10

12 Kits April 2014 10 12 Kits April 2014 9
12 Kits April 2014 8 12 Kits April 2014 7 12 Kits April 2014 6
12 Kits April 2014 5 12 Kits 2014 4 12 Kits April 2014 3 12 Kits April 2014 2 12 Kits April 2014 1
It was an accident that I made the cards so small, but I thought they were cute all liked up, so I kept them there, hehe. Now off to see what the other gals have created! Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I am so glad you linked them all up,the are all beautiful! I did the same thing ...started making cards and they just keep coming so I didn't want to stop either. Love the first two them all but those are my favorites .

  2. Jessica wow so many gorgeous cards, you really rocked Jeanne's kit. So impressed especially when things I am sure are really busy at home. Agree with you and Marybeth, once you start you just keep going. What stopped me was that it was the middle of the night! No picked but I do love how you used the Clearly Besotted flowers as outlines.

  3. What a cute grouping of cards were SO busy this month! Every card is cuter than the favorite, and that was difficult to pick was the Mother's Day card with the two outline die cut flowers. I love that! Great job with Jeanne's kit!

  4. whew! so many pretty cards!! love em!

  5. Wow! I can't believe how many cards you made! You're making me look lazy at 7! LOL! I love how you broke up the solids and pattern papers and all the great details. I see you used lots of things I didn't see - like the ladybug and the pins. I love the pink with the navy mom cameo and the big rose. The little pearls are sweet. The Teapot card with the doily backer too ! I like how you layered the blue flowers too instead of setting one on top of the other. Lots and lots of things I like here. I keep going back to see more.

  6. Wow, so many cards--you are amazing! Wasn't Jeanne's kit fantastic though!! Great job combining papers and colors. I don't like to pick favorites but I do especially love card #3. The overlapping die cuts, colors and those sweet sequins make it extra special! BTW, your little guy is getting cuter & cuter!

  7. So beautiful! It's impossible to choose a favorite. I can totally see how you got "lost" in creating with this fabulous kit.

  8. Oh my goodness....10 beautiful cards, just amazing! And each card is just so sweet and so full of spring! I really love your use of those beautiful little pins, I tried a few times and they just did not look right and now I have something to use for inspiration, thank you! My favorite of your cards is the April Showers card, I love those flower sequins and they look fabulous on your card.

  9. Wow--so many amazing cards. I love them all. I am so impressed you were able to make so many beautiful and unique cards, and take care of that gorgeous little boy. You did a fantastic job using everything in the kit. Please do not ask me to pick a favorite, because I just can't.


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