Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12 Kits of Occasions December 2014

So I'm thinking that my New Years Resolution should be to do my blog posts before the night before they are due! I had three cards made (which I was feeling bad enough about, I could have made 14 with this kit easily!) and then my camera battery dies, I couldn't find the cord, and then they wouldn't upload! So when I finally got these two and the 3rd was unrecognizable I decided to go on without it. Its too bad because it was a cutie card that I made for my neighbor's first birthday which is Wednesday! Cathy sent us this absolutely adorable baby themed kit. I know that I will use it again because I didn't even scratch the surface of its cuteness! Here are the two cards that I was able to upload tonight. You may be seeing that third one later ;)



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