Sunday, September 9, 2012

CASual Fridays #69

Edited to add my new and improved photo! I figured out how to edit the background from my Canon to make it look white! I am very happy with how the photo turned out :)


One of my friends suddenly lost her cat last week. One day she was fine, the next she was acting strange, so my friend took her to the vet, and she had a heart attack :( I know how much my pets mean to me, so I know how terribly she must be feeling. I made this card for her using this week's CASual Fridays challenge which is to use embossing.

I know I've been talking about it a lot, so here it finally new light box! I made it out of white foam board taped together with painter's tape. The 3 lights on the top are 120 watt daylight flood lights that are clipped to the foam board. I can't believe how bright it makes the card! That was my first step. Next I need to learn how to use the Canon Rebel 300 that my mom gave me when she upgraded. Anyone have one and have any tips? The above photo is still on my phone because I couldn't get the one from the camera to look white enough. Anyway, you will be seeing more changes in my photos in the coming weeks. Any advice is always appreciated! Here's a pic of my new box in action:

Here is a funny story...I just went to get those lights from Home Depot, and that is it. Well, when I got home and Phillip saw what they were he was like that cashier must have thought you were going to grow marijuana, because those are the lights they use! I was like oh my gosh, how embarrassing! But then I thought I was "saved" because I went through the self checkout...and he's like "I bet everyone who buys those goes through self checkout." LOL!

So anyway, I used an older SU set on my card. The doily is from PTI, the patterned paper from My Mind's Eye. The embossing folder is from SU, and the twine from the Twinery. The little label punch is also from SU.


  1. Cracking up at your Home Depot story...I never would have thought that! The first photo above looks really good. I have a Nikon so I'm sorry that I'm not much help with the Canon, but you might need to change the white balance a bit.

    Your card is so thoughtful and beautiful. I'm sure your friend will really appreciate it Jessica. Thanks so much for playing with us at CAS-ual Fridays!

  2. Too funny! Good for you making a light box. Probably what I really need. Lovely, thoughtful card--so hard for us pet lovers to loose one. Our oldest puppy dog is about to turn 14 & I'm thankful for every day she's with us & doing well.

  3. What a sweet card...
    your friend will appreciate it so much!
    I didn't know those lights were used for that purpose either...
    I just knew they were work lights! :(
    I have a Nikon so can't help with any tips on the camera...
    but maybe if you balanced your lights...
    instead of them all in the front...
    cut holes in the sides to have light hitting from both sides and then from above.
    That's how all the light tents I've seen...
    homemade and bought...
    have them.
    But I also do a quick retouch from my camera to brighten and get a "whiter" background...
    does that help? :)

  4. What an improvement! And I hate the lines that show up when I try to snap photos in my lightbox with my iPhone too. Now I know I'm not the only one.

    I think Renee is onto something with the holes. Just make sure you cover them with white tissue paper or fabric, because it's the diffusion of the light that makes light tent photos so much nicer.

  5. Very kind of you to make your friend this beautiful card. The photo looks great. Love the light box you made. I have to have my son help me with lighting but , I don't see him much these days , with school and work.

  6. Great post, Jessica! I love your card and homemade light box...looks like you have a pro setup now!

    I also got a kick out of your light story. I told it to Dave and we were both laughing! See you on Wed!

  7. Such a thoughtful card and I love the design...perfect for our challenge this week :0)
    Great story about the lamps.
    Thanks for joining in the fun at CASual Fridays this week :0)
    Jenny x

  8. So sorry about your friend's cat. You are sweet to make her a card. Love this one, the cat looks so thoughtful and elegant in silhouette, and I love the patterned paper you used.

  9. Beautiful done! Your attentions to details really who through in this card! So glad that you join the fun with us at CAS-ual Fridays!

  10. Beautiful card, love the mix of elements and that embossed top panel looks great behind that cat circle :) Thanks for playing this week at CAS-ual Fridays!

  11. I guess I need to visit with you about your light box!!! Your photos are awesome! How sweet of you to think of your friend during this time! I'm sure it brightened her day!


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