Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ann!

One of my great friends just celebrated her birthday, and I knew I wanted to do something special for her. Here is the card:

Here is the matching gift set all packaged:

The coasters in front are kinda what started it all. I've started checking out Pinterest, and one of the first things I saw were these awesome coasters on my friend Christina's boards. You buy the tiles at Home Depot for only $.16 each!! Then you decoupage your patterned paper on top, spray on a glossy sealer spray paint on that, put little foam chair bottoms on the bottom, and wah-la! A cute and very inexpensive gift. I predict some of my family/friends will be seeing some of these for Christmas :) But a tip I've already learned...regular ink smears when you use decoupage on top, so next time I'm trying Stayz-On.

And I had to decorate the front of the basket with PTI banner dies :)

And what was inside? It was a tea themed gift (obviously!). Ann has recently become interested in a store called Teavana in the mall where they sell these very fragrant teas by weight. I got her one called "youthberry" and boy does it smell amazing! (that is what is in that tall tin on the right). She also loves to read, and that goes well with tea, which in turn goes well with the coasters and the card (I like my gifts to match ;)

I gave it to her last night and she loved it :) The ribbon and DSP I used is from SU, the stamps and dies are all from PTI. Check back tomorrow for my next card in my run with Amber Ink!


  1. You always come up with the most creative and thoughtful gift sets! I'm dying to try out the coasters--thanks for the tip on the ink. Your friend is going to be thrilled with her gift!

  2. Oh Jessica this is a wonderful gift that I'm sure Ann will LOVE! I've made these coasters before and yes you do have to use Staz-on ink. I have not ever used paper on them just true stamping directly on the stone. I then sprayed a sealant over the stamping. I still have some sitting on my tables in the living room! Then I have to mention that ADORABLE little banner you created for the basket!! L.O.V.E. :)
    Have a great day!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous gift! You are a papercraft star!


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