Monday, August 31, 2015

12 Kits of Occasions August 2015

This month was Michelle's first kit and my oh my! Not only was there a ton of fun stuff to play with, she gave us all a fun mystery challenge. She said that she put something in the kit that didn't really go with it and it was our challenge to use it. I THINK that I got it...the hanger! Although there was one other thing that I couldn't really make fit, there was a circle die cut that said "life." I tried pretty hard to use that, too, but I just couldn't make it fit. I do love a good challenge, though! It got me really in the card making mood, because as you see below I made 7 cards this month :) The hanger one is a bit unusual, but hey you try using a hanger with this kit ;) Next month is my month so I've been busy finishing up stamping, cutting, and die cutting so that I can send them out to the girls. Make sure to stop by all of their blogs to see what they've done (and see who actually used the right mystery item!).









  1. Hi Jessica! You've most definitely used the Mystery item! And on your very first card! What a cute collection, and I'm so in awe of your use of those patterned papers ... I almost send a package with none, because I fail so miserably with them! Thanks, Jess!!!

  2. Oh Jessica! I think you did so many clever things here. The sentiment on the banner with the bee, using the negative die cut of "friends", and the clever hangar on the teacup! The colored bouquet is my favorite but they are all wonderful. Your photos are perfect too!

  3. Wow! You've used so many great combinations in your cards! I love all these great color and the pretty details!

  4. Oh my, the cherry! Who would have thought! I thought it would be the hanger too. Your cards are all so gorgeous! Love your awesome use of the patterned papers. Tried to pick a favorite but each time I scroll back through your cards, I find something special about each one!

  5. You did so many amazing things with this kit Jessica! I love the feel better card with the patterned paper background, so pretty! I also thought it was the hanger.

  6. Jessica, these are fabulous! I cannot believe how much of the kit you were able to use. I totally the the hanger was the mystery item as well, but I love that you used the cherries, too, and that card is probably my favorite of the bunch. You did such an awesome job with this kit.

  7. Wow wow wow. Jessica you really knocked this kit out of the park. Love all the cards you made. So creative and clever. Really wish I had thought of your ice cream idea, but I still have those bits, so I can CASE you. Can't wait to see your kit in my hot little hands later this month. Hope you are well.

  8. Jessica you definitely got mileage out of Michele's kit an amazing g 7 cards I am so so impressed. Not only that but 7 amazing cards. I love the very first card and you colour the bought of flowers beautifully. You used the mystery item on your first card. I thought it. WS the ha her too. Can't wait for your kit to arrive!


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