Thursday, August 30, 2012

Retro Sketches #26

I finally own my very own wplus9 set! I just couldn't resist this scarecrow set when it came out :) So now I won't have to borrow Suzanne's stamps all the time for the wplus9 blog hop! Here the card I created for this week's Retro Sketches challenge:

Here is the sketch I used:

So I flipped the sketch on the side. That cool denim ribbon is from SU, the yellow is from Amuse. The frame around the sentiment is from My Favorite Things. The patterned paper is from My Mind's Eye. Did you guys know Michaels carries some of their paper now?! I'm super excited about that :)

This scarecrow is the star of the show! I just love him :) And see those bright vivid inks?? My new SU inks that I got for my birthday from Phillip. I LOVE them! If you haven't tried the new formula, you should. 1000x better than the old. Such a crisp, clear image in one light tap. I never used to get this look with the old pads. I'm going to be in a yard sale one of our local stamp stores is having and I'm going to sell all my old inks for $1 or $2 each (what do you think? they are all still really great, juicy, etc.) so hopefully I can replace all of them with the new ones :)

This card comes with a gift! A bottle of wine from my favorite winery up here. So I had to make a tag to go on the bottle.

Using the same elements from the card, of course.

I think they turned out quite cute and country :)

And now an update on my little Garrett. Garrett had surgery last week. He had been peeing a ton, but when he started going on the rugs in the bathroom and then on Phillip's clothes, we knew something was going on. (We clean his litter box twice a day, too!). His pee also had a red tint to it. Well, they found something called a bladder stone. His actual bladder is the size of a pea, and this stone was the size of a golf ball!! Poor little guy :( So he had the surgery and came home in one of these cones:

These pics were right before we took him camping with us. Which was crazy, I do not recommend having a cat with you when you camp. All he did was spew litter everywhere, and walk around on top of us all night "shoveling" our faces with is cone. Well on Tuesday we woke up and his wound was open and bloody. So we took him back to the vet. First they gave him a bigger cone (he had found a way to lick his wound even with the cone on!) and said he HAD to stay still. Well, he won't stay still at all. So the only solution we could come up with is that he is now living in the dog crate :( It is a large one that can hold his water, litter box, and room for him to lay down, but the poor guy. I hope he recovers soon so he can get out of "captivity!"


  1. Oh that little cone...hope that it heals quickly! that scarecrow! I think the ink price of $1 to $2 is good...offer a volume discount to sell them all together too!

  2. What a cute card...but a sad story about your sweet little cat! That must have been awful for you all. I love your card with the cute scarecrow. I wish I had gotten that set! The denim patterned paper you used on in was perfect for a card with the scarecrow and apples. Great job, hope your Garrett is doing better by now.

  3. What a wonderful card and tag. So very country and cute. So sorry about your cat. I hope he gets well soon. I'm sure he will--he looks like a hardy guy. And, yay on the MME at Michaels. But, now I know, and I have to dash over there and buy paper I'll never use. eek.

  4. Very fun scarecrow! I love the deep colors you stamped, those inks sound wonderful. So sorry for Garrett!

  5. Lovely card and tag Jessica. That scarecrow is so so cute.

  6. I love your creative scarecrow card and tag, its way to cute and colored to perfection. I really need to by those stamps too so I can play. Awww I hope Garrett is on the mend!

  7. I love your new inks, they look great! And poor little guy....I hope Garrett feels better soon!

  8. Great take on the sketch - I'd love for you to link up at 52 Card Pickup this week!


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