Monday, September 30, 2013

12 Kits of Occasions September 2013

What an absolutely AMAZING kit Kim sent us!! First of all, it was almost too pretty to open! It came in a wrapped and decorated box. Then everything inside the box was wrapped up, too! But obviously I couldn't resist opening it up and using the TONS of supplies she sent. I made 7 cards, but seriously, I could have made at least 4-5 more. I loved the diversity of supplies from cute to elegant. It was just so fun to work with, thanks, Kim! So check out what I created:
12 Kits Sept. 2013 1
12 Kits Sept. 2013 2
12 Kits Sept. 2013 3
12 Kits Sept. 2013 4
12 Kits Sept. 2013 5
12 Kits Sept. 2013 6
12 Kits Sept. 2013 7
Its funny because when I was making the last one I was thinking, oh this is so plain, I'm not going to like this one. But add the sequins and scallop border, and wa-lah, its my favorite of the bunch! How about you? I can't wait to get over and check out the other Halloween creations by my 12 Kit mates, you should go check them out, too!


  1. Wow! So much Halloween goodness in one post! Love your wonderful cards! Such a fun kit of supplies!

  2. This kit was so fun to work with..I agree! You made some amazing cards Jessica! I bet you were glad it was a easy kit to use. I love the last card and the way you added just a bit to it. That die is almost a stand alone die. Great job! Cant wait to hear from you soon! It's getting close.

  3. Jessica, these are all so fantastic!! It's super cool to look at the Kit designs this month after seeing the kit in person. I am thinking, oh, yes, look how she did this, or that! You've given me awesome inspiration for using up all the ingredients I still have left over!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Halloween card are just too fun! You knocked it out of the park Jessica...and to think next year you will have your own little pumpkin to dress up! Love all of your cards, but I agree with you...that last card is my favorite. That die cut is so detailed it doesn't need a ton of other things going on, it is so good all on it's own.

  5. Hmm. You must be nesting, because that is a whirlwind of awesome card-making right there! I love the Haunted Hill scene against the green papers and the Witch's Wanda brew with the 2 decanters of scary stuff, lol! But over the top cutness can be found with your 2 little PTI treat container cards! Love the little spider in the "O" with the web paper background, and the cute little faces all grouped together on your Halloween "planner"!

  6. Love them and I agree...I could have made a ton more! Love how you used those happy-faced trick-or-treat buckets and the spider web border on its side!! Great cards!!

  7. They're all fabulous but I gotta say the last one is my fave...
    love that graveyard scene you created!
    And the sequins were the perfect addition! :)
    And like Kara...
    could have made bookoodles more from this incredible kit!! :)
    Hope you're doing well...
    been thinking of you as that due date draws so close!

  8. Oh, what fun you had. Just when I thought there could not be more, I'd scroll and see one more card. Your productivity is just amazing. (haha, wait until that baby comes out!) These are all so fabulous, I cannot pick a favorite. Overall, it is the Jessica look I love--lots of bold colors and fabulous use of patterned papers.

  9. They are all so fantastic, Jessica! And I agree, the last one is perfection! Love the scene done in green with the sequins and sweet bow. Another favorite is the spider web paper behind the Trick or Treat die cut. That is so cute with the little spider bucket. There are fabulous elements on each one. You've done an amazing job with Kim's kit! Just think, your own little pumpkin will be here by Halloween!

  10. Jessica...just amazing, simply amazing! I love what you did with your kit, so many wonderful cards too. Your fabulous scene at the end is so sweet and scary. I love how you used the little trick or treat pumpkins on your first card, so fun with the background paper. You really have a way with the patterned paper too, a bit here and a bit there and you get a fabulous card. Love them all Jessica!

  11. Im glad I don't have to pick a favorite. I love them all. I wonder if we'll see some Sonny handprints on next month's cards! Anxiously waiting for news.

  12. Jessica congratulations Mama, I am so so happy for you and your new addition to the family! A beautiful collection of cards, you really rocked out Kim's set. I love that first card, so fantastic with the die cuts, the spider over the Trick on Treat die cut, your use of the urns and your graveyard over the green dotted paper! Amazing job this month, must be baby mojo!

  13. These are great Jessica! And congrats too!

  14. Congrats to you and your little family, Jessica! So glad to hear everyone is happy and healthy. I love how many cards you were able to squeeze out of this kit--there were so many supplies to choose from! You always make great use of the patterned papers. I especially like the large trick or treat with the spider inside the O, the knotted ribbons over the yellow ghost paper, and the green and black graveyard silhouette. Hope you are enjoying every moment with your precious little bundle!


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