Friday, November 2, 2012

12 Kits of Christmas October 2012

Its 12 Kits of Christmas time! And this month was mine! I packed the kits full of my favorite stamps...Paper Smooches! I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone, so I stamped out a lot. I think they enjoyed it! Here is a look at what I sent out (thanks, Amy, for taking the photo!):

This month we waited until after our usual posting date due to "Frankenstorm" affecting some of us that live on the East Coast. Well, I STILL goofed, thinking we were posting tonight at midnight, but then I saw everyone posted last night at midnight. Oh well, without further ado, here are the cards I created this month:

12 Kits of Christmas Oct. 2012 #2

12 Kits of Christmas Oct. 2012 #1

12 Kits of Christmas Oct. 2012 #4

12 Kits of Christmas Oct. 2012

And a group shot:
12 Kits of Christmas Oct. 2012 Group Shot

And a CASE. I CASEd one of Kara's beauties with supplies I had left over from her kit last month. I apologize that I can't link to it at the moment. We are camping, and the internet is horrid...I will come back later and link up.
12 Kits of Christmas Oct. 2012 #5

I think my favorites this month are the snowmen and the snowflakes/hexagons card. What do you think? Now that you've seen what I was able to create, I know you're dying to see what the other girls created! I know I am! (they're my favorite stamps!) So hop along and see what they made with my kit:


  1. First off you created an absolutely smokin' kit Jessica! Your smoochness is all awesome. Love the snowflakes hexagons card too, my coolest friend is so cute and definitely the puppy is so so cute. Pinning you...have a great weekend.

  2. This was such a fun kit--thank you so much for everything you put in it. I'm not sure I will be able to send any of the cards I made, because I don't want to part with them! My favorite of your cards is the one with the three snowmen--just so cute. Although, that dog still gets me every time. I think I need to get whatever set he is in.

  3. This kit was so much fun, Jessica...
    Thank you so much!!
    And now seeing what everyone was able to do...
    so glad I still have LOTS of goodies for some CASE'ing! :)
    LOVE that snowman card!
    The look so vivid against the red patterned paper...
    it just struck me as soon as I saw it!
    But I also love the simplicity of the "fleas"...
    that's one that I can definitely CASE! :)
    They're all fabulous...
    I knew they would be because you do such amazing things with PS!
    And there was a superstorm that hit less than a week ago...
    and you're CAMPING?!!!
    Sorry for laughing...
    but what a great sense of humor!! :)

  4. I loved this kit so much, Jessica. Thanks so much for sharing all those PS goodies! I don't have any (yet!) but look forward to adding some. LOVE all your cards! Those snowmen are so adorable and bird on the tallest one's head is such a fun accent. I didn't see it at first and then smiled when I saw how cute he is! You did a great job coloring the dog too and love his adorable Santa hat. I'm with Renee--can't imagine going camping--lol! Well, I'm not an enthusiastic camper anyway---just ask my hubby! Thanks again for a great month!

  5. You did such a great job with our kit this month Jessica...loved using stamps I have never owned before, love your card with the dog, we all seemed to love that one! I also really like your snowman trio card, so cute! Thanks for sending such a great kit. I really had fun with it.

  6. Jessica, first of all....I am so proud and happy for you! You worked hard and your work shows it! You do awesome things with Paper Smooches stamps.....keep the goodness coming! Now what an AWESOME kit! I think I'm going to get going and finish more from your kit and send them off to the Caring Card Drive! My favorite card here is the group of snow coolest friend! Love it!

  7. GREAT holiday cards!! I love the Fleas Navidad sentiment, so cute!! And love the embossed papers, too. Great card kit!

  8. Jessica , at first I thought maybe you did not have any power , but I though well, Suzanne did.
    I had so much fun with this kit ….The stamps are different from most of what I have. Thank you!
    I love your little dog card with the green chevrons sooo…. cute! The snowman family is adorable . I like the way you tied you glitter red ribbon and used the striped paper like wallpaper. Great cards and kit ……. just so much fun ! I like your CASEd cared too.

  9. Jessica, your cards are adorable! So hard to pick a favorite--Love the snowmen, and the window frame with the tree. So cute!

  10. Love all the fun colours and the sentiments! I had to laugh at Fleas Navidad as I love the rendition of Feliz Navidad (The Police Stopped my Car). Always look forward to these posts!

  11. Not surprised at all to see how many adorable cards you made this month! Thanks so much for this fabulous kit--my PS wish list just got a lot longer. :) I really love the off-the-edge sentiment label on your first card and the grouping of snowmen on the second one. The little doggie is so cute, and your shading is fantastic! Hope you're having fun camping!

  12. Jessica, first thank you for the amazing kit! I love each and every piece of it and so happy to say that I have leftovers to start CASE'ing some of the wonderful creations I have been seeing. My favorite card is your first, that trio of snowmen all decked out in there bright scarves and hats, so much fun. Thank you again for the fabulous kit!!

  13. You made such a fun kit....and it is SO you! I love them all, but the snowmen make me smile extra wide! Especially the one just chilling out with a bird on it's head. Ha!

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  16. Easy to see why you are the Queen of PS!! You really made them shine! I love all the bright color you used and the fun backgrounds. The bird on the snowman's hat was so clever! Thank you so much for the fabulous kit you put together. Everything went together beautifully! The images were fun and it was a real pleasure to work with - you thought of everything!

  17. Jess, this kit was SO fun and I love to see you work your magic with these stamps. I love all the little details in these cards- the perfect layering and embellishments on each one! Thanks for sending us so much PS goodness!

  18. I loved your kit!! The images were so much fun to work with! Thanks so much for such a great kit! Love your cards too, but you always use PS so well. Your coloring is perfect!!!


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