Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paper Smooches Sparks Trend Watch: September 2012

Saturday is my good friend, Jen's birthday! Tonight at our weekly craft night, Suzanne and I surprised her with a cake, and of course crafty presents! A corner chomper and a mini score pal are now part of her crafty stash (both tools she admired of ours at our weekly "craft-a-poolazas"). And of course she had to have a card. As you know from an earlier post, she loves white card bases, so that's what I started with.

This card is for this week's Paper Smooches Sparks challenge which is to make a retro themed card.

Well, I for some reason thought of Andy Warhol and his Campbell's soup cans. So I went online searching for this pic as my inspiration for the card:

It is hard to tell, but I stamped the chair from "Vogue Abode" in different Encore ink colors (I didn't have the right embossing powder or I would have done that since the plain SU inks were not standing out enough on the colored cardstock).

I used "Alphadot" to create the "MOD" sentiment. The wishes...I think that one was from "Party Possee". After writing mod, though, I realized that it looks a lot like M.O.D. which is what we use at work for Manager On Duty...but since Jen is a teacher, and I don't think has MOD shifts, she'll see it as "mod" ;)

The washi tape is from Target.

I've been very disappointed in my pics lately. I'm really considering buying a photo light box. Any advice? I need something that I can leave out in my craft room and since I can't close the door (there is no door) I need it to look nice enough to leave out. I know some people make theirs? I have seen that they cost about $30 on Amazon. Anyway, I'm ready to have nicer pics. I guess I need to stop using my iPhone to take them too...I just love the feature where you can email right from your phone to your blog!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Fabulous card Jessica, I am sure she loved it. Jessica I was having so much difficulty with photos and after chatting with Deanna (Kloset Kreations) who gave me great advice. I went to my local photography store and bought a collapsible light tent for $34.99 on sale Canadian. It has made all the difference in the world. Here is a link to the box I bought

  2. Very mod, and I totally read it that way! I will love to see what you decide to do about lighting. Sorry, I have no good solutions for you.

  3. What a fun card. I love how you were inspired by Andy Warhol, and it truly is very mod.

  4. Wow I totally get the Andy Warhol retro vibe to your card. It looks great on a white card base. I have a light box, but it is a pain to take up an down and my cats kept trying to sleep on the top of it and collapsing it. I end up taking on our bed against the only window that gets good light. Not too easy! Good luck figuring it out. I am anxious to see what you come up with.

  5. I am sure that Jen absolutely loved this card! What fabulous gifts too!! So fun!

  6. I made my own ghetto light tent out of a large oval embroidery hoop and a yard of white fabric.

    No photos, but here's the rundown:
    - The hoop is the top of the frame. You could make legs, but I hung it inside a tall bookcase instead. The first shelf acting as the bottom of the tent and keeps everything away from my workspace (and my little guy's inquisitive fingers). - I used two pieces of fabric: one to cover the top, and another to wrap around the back and sides. I just sandwiched them between the two layers of the hoop, so it's temporary. You could probably just use one large piece of fabric or staple your fabric to the hoop too.
    - I left the front open a bit so I have room to shoot with my favorite 50mm lens, but if you shoot from close range, you could leave less of a gap.
    - I clipped lights from the top and sides of the bookcase. They're they weak spot in my set-up, but I make do.

  7. What a fun retro card! I'm sure Jen loved it!

  8. Love the color blocks...
    a definite retro vibe going!
    And I'm sure she loved it along with her fabby gifts! :)
    I cheated...
    I use foam board and natural light...
    but in a pinch...
    I have some cheap flexible lamps with OttLite bulbs in them if I have to shoot after dark or during dreary days.

  9. I NEVER would have known your pics are with your iphone! I love all the angles you take of your cards. This is a darling card for the retro challenge!

  10. Love this card . Very retro! I would never have guessed you used your iphone. How the heck do you send them to your blog. Now you have me thinking about a light box too.

  11. OHHHHHHHH! I just love love love this card--LOVE the MOD wishes! FUN! You nailed this challenge:) THANKS for joining in the fun and playing along with us over at the Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge:)

  12. This is the best card ever! And no, it's not because you gave it to me...I love the Warhol inspiration- very cool


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