Friday, November 11, 2011

Proud Aunt

As promised, here are some photos from my quick trip to FL. Here is baby Autumn Grace wearing the hat and booties I made her. Yes, the booties fit! Although it took her dad, Alex, about ten minutes to get them on and I think that will be the last time she can wear them, lol

I love this totally relaxed picture. She almost doesn't even look real!

These are the very first shots of me holding my niece:

I just LOVE the face she's making in this one, hehe :) And if you notice in the background on the wall is one of the cupcake frames I made for her that I showed on the blog awhile back. After I passed Autumn to my dad, I was thrilled when she held on to my shirt and smiled as she was passed :)

Here we are as we went out to breakfast...where I also got to see my 6 month old nephew, Liam.

Can you believe the difference?! I just LOVE how expressive he is now. Each time you take a photo he has a different facial expression, so its so fun to look at each one :)

Here he is with my dad:

And here's another of the many faces of Liam :)

His bear hat that I made him at the beginning of this year no longer fits his head as he now weighs 20 pounds and has the cutest chunky legs, and of course has to have a big head to hold all those brains :) So while I was at the airport, I started making him a new one...a dinosaur this time! This day was wonderful. I got to see both kids, siblings, their spouses, and my parents. We had fun, played games, and ate...a lot, which is why when I woke up that night feeling queasy at midnight I figured I just ate too many sweets. I soon realized, however, that that was not the case.
I became sick as a dog! I got up 5 times that night, and by morning I had lost 3 was the most unpleasant thing. And we did not know if I had the flu, or food poisoning, so in the morning, I was immediately quarantined from the biggest reason I came to Florida....the babies. We had such big plans on Monday, too. It was my mom's birthday, and the girls were going on a shopping trip and to lunch at Olive Garden, then to my brother's for games and dinner. I spent almost all day in bed (completely exhausted from not sleeping the night before). Then when we decided that we should definitely go to their house, because we thought I was better and I wanted to see everyone again before I left the next day, I got up to get in the car, and got sick again :( I was okay enough the next day to fly home, which is good because I had to be at work on Wednesday, but even today I still don't feel like Jessica, although I'm so much closer to normal. The thing is, I NEVER get sick! And the one time I do is when I'm trying to visit my family. So my trip was not as planned at all. I'm still so thankful that I got to see everyone for one day, at least.


  1. Oh Jessica, I'm so sorry to hear you got sick on your trip! Thank goodness you got to spend some precious time with the babies first. The photos of them (and you!) are beautiful! I hope you're back to normal soon!

  2. Those pictures are adorable!

  3. Jessica I'm so sorry to hear that you were sick during your trip. That's the worst -- happened to me once too. Bummer. I'm glad that you got some baby holding time in first. How cool that those sweet booties fit!

  4. I LOVE that your dad is wearing a Chelmsford t-shirt!!! Autumn is beautiful (and so is Liam)!

  5. I love how you colored the image. Cute card! I've been stuck on polka dots and plaid lately (for fabric too) :)



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