Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Stamper's Dream Day

Me and 3 Queens of PTI :)

Amy, me, Suzanne, Christina (check out their blogs by clicking their name)

You can't go meet some seriously crafty ladies without a little crafty goodness to share :)

And inside? Delicious dark chocolate Ghiradelli brownies, made with Andes Mints in the middle! (Got the recipe from the PTI blog ;)

So their's didn't have the handmade on the back because I was making them up to the minute Suzanne pulled in my driveway ;) But it was supposed to look like this:

And I wasn't the only one who came bearing gifts...which totally made me giggle :) These AMAZING crocheted flower embellishments were handmade by none other than Christina. I was blown away by her creativity and kindness! And check out the adorable packaging, too:

Yesterday started off with a shoebox swap with 3 of my crafty friends (I'll post pics of that later) and ended with a trip into Boston to meet up with 3 awesome fellow PTI lovers and bloggers. Suzanne drove (thanks Suzanne!) and we met up with Amy who is in town for some training, and Christina who took the T in to meet us at Amy's hotel. We went all around the Prudential Mall (I think that's what its called) looking for a place that didn't have a 3 hour wait on a Saturday night, and settled on Cheesecake Factory with an hour wait, but that hour went by so fast, because we were talking craft talk the whole time :) Amy brought along one of her coworkers, and she was laughing at us because she said we were all so much alike. Anyway, it was such an exciting night, and I didn't quit smiling the whole time, they are SO sweet!


  1. It was so wonderful meeting YOU last night, Jessica! I had such a great time. I can't wait to post a photo of the "sweet" gift you gave me, it is absolutely darling and so kind of you to share! I'm already looking forward to our next meeting! ((hugs))

  2. I had such a great time Jessica! I truly enjoyed the hour wait for Cheesecake Factory! I wish we could get together to actually craft together......would be totally awesome! Thank you so much for the adorable little basket using a favorite stamp set of mine! I can't wait to get home and take a pic for my blog! Thank you so much! Drop me an email with your address! :)


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